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We are creating a connected world where everyone thrives in creativity and authenticity, empowered to live where they want with anyone they choose, teeming with love and possibility, fueled by vibrant collaboration and self-expression.

The True Awesome Network
is a community of like-minded creators committed to helping each other achieve a life that is truly awesome!

We’re all about making change happen. We think that when we get in touch with who we are and the people around us, we can create a life that’s real, true to ourselves, and full of strength. Our crew is made up of folks who are on the same page and ready to have each other’s backs as we figure out more about ourselves and keep moving forward through fun events, workshops, and support groups.

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Be INSPIRED and take OWNERSHIP of your life with the tips offered in each episode of the Jonesin’ for Show! Your host an avid outdoorsman, motivational speaker and coach Spencer Jones will help you chase your passions and live your life to the max through solo shows and interviews of people living their life the MAX!

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  • Adversity on Purpose with Michael Fabber
  • Sharing Your Story with David Chametzky
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  • Awareness Of Your Light With Michelle Aalbers

Your 5-day-a-week podcast to get a jolt of energy a quick tip to help you live your life to the max!

Latest Episodes:

  • Overwhelm
  • Let Go
  • Love Languages
  • Stop Obsessing
  • Stop Name Dropping

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