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Below you will find all the forms to book for each show. We do broadcast live so be mindful of the times and make sure they work for you.

At the moment there are two different forms, one for shows presented by True Awesome Life and one for shows presented by Life Coaching Today. Please check the images on the right to ensure that you are signing up for the correct shows.

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Shows Presented by Life Coaching Today

  • The Intuitive Entrepreneur Show Hosted by Carol Boston
  • No Home Training Hosted by Joyce Singleton
  • Life Coaching Today Presents Hosted by Kiddada Grey
The Intuitive Entrepreneur Show With Carol Boston

Broadcasts Live Wednesdays
at 3 PM Eastern

The Intuitive Entrepreneur Show, hosted by Carol Boston features a panel of enlightened entrepreneurs, coaches, and influencers that discuss cutting-edge topics from the world of relationships, culture, business, and spirituality.

Life Coaching Today Presents

Broadcasts Live Thursdays
at 7 AM Eastern

Life Coaching Today Presents hosted by Kiddada Grey features engaging interviews and thought-provoking discussions that provide valuable insights into how current events are shaped and, in turn, how they shape our lives.

The No Home Training Show

Broadcasts Live Thursdays
at 2 PM Eastern

On the No Home Training Show, Joyce & her panel of intuitive coaches dissect some of TikTok’s most controversial relationship videos. This show is not safe for work, hide your kids, and let’s see what you have to say when they take on the people with No Home Training!

Shows Presented by True Awesome Life

  • The Creative Nomad Show Hosted by JP Adkins
  • Tuesday Talks Facilitated by JP Adkins
The Creative Nomad Show was designed to tell the stories of the Creators! Those artists, authors, musicians, coaches, and yes nomads who are out there living their True Awesome Life and helping others do the same.

Broadcasts Live Mondays
at Noon Eastern

The Creative Nomad Show is like a campfire chat with a friend. We share the incredible stories of people who’ve broken free from the ordinary and started living their True Awesome Lives.

Tuesday Creators Talks

Broadcasts Live Tuesdays
at 7 PM Eastern

Join us as we delve into the captivating world of creativity, exploring the liberating journey of shedding facades, breaking free from everyday routines, and crafting authentic, connected lives.

Our panel of guests, including you, will share their insights on embracing the freedom to live wherever they want and with whomever they desire, all while releasing the burdens of fear and scarcity.