Moody Creative Greg Halpin Shares Insight On Creativity And Overcoming Mental Health Challenges

105 Moody Creative Greg Halpin Shares Insight On Creativity And Overcoming Mental Health Challenges

Welcome To The Creative Nomad Show

With Special Guest Greg Halpin

About This Episode:

The Creative Nomad podcast recently featured Greg Halpin, a creativity coach who helps individuals with mental health challenges through their creative pursuits. In the episode, Halpin and host JP Adkins discussed the correlation between creativity and mental health, citing Jonathan Larson\’s quote that creation is the opposite of war, not peace. They also touched on Larson\’s tragic death on the eve of Rent\’s opening night, which motivated JP to pursue his current work.

The conversation began with the idea of persevering and not giving up, even when it may feel like it\’s too late to achieve a particular goal. The speakers shared their personal experiences of deviating from their intended career paths and the critical role of self-reflection and creativity in discovering new opportunities. They also discussed the importance of time management and not wasting time.

Halpin described his process for inspiring people to be creative daily, starting by recalling his struggles with creativity and staying motivated to pursue his dreams. The speakers discussed the energy difference between creating solutions and problem-solving and the importance of balancing positivity with acknowledging negative experiences.

As the conversation continued, the speakers emphasized the need to take action and create solutions when feeling stuck or in a shame spiral. They shared their experiences of making a choice to move forward, which led to meeting new people and positive changes. The speakers encouraged listeners to ask themselves what they could create today and take steps toward their goals.

The topic also touched on the shame loop that can keep people stuck in their mental health challenges. The speakers discussed the significance of breaking the cycle and using tools to bounce back more quickly. They also talked about the benefits of journaling and how it could be personalized to fit individual preferences.

JP discussed his journal, The Awesome Plan, available on Amazon, which includes daily prompts such as three things that inspire you, two things you are working on, and one thing you create at the end of the day.

The journal also includes a five-minute mind-free exercise.

The speakers praised Halpin\’s inspiration and recommended listeners to follow him on Facebook.

Throughout the episode, the speakers highlighted the importance of creativity and self-reflection in promoting mental health and well-being. They encouraged listeners to take action and create solutions, using journaling, time management, and other tools to stay motivated and focused on their goals.

About Greg:

Greg Halpen is a multi-passionate creative. He is a professional singer, actor, solo show creator and food photographer. Greg is the creator of the Creative Visionary Incubator. He helps coaches, therapits and artists navigate the complexities of fear buy encouraging them to exist in the discomfort of fear in order to move through it.

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About Your Host, JP Adkins

Jeff describes himself as a Divine Space anchored by his in-breath and solidified by all other sparks of the Divine. He is a loving, compassionate, and powerful leader who is creating a truly awesome life not only for myself but for those in my sphere of influence. He is an instrument of peace in the perceived chaos. He is a resilient adventurer who chooses to love his life, be the dominant creator, and live in his purpose with health and vitality.

Some of the labels that have been used to describe him are productivity expert, systems specialist, Jedi Cleric, clothing designer, author, speaker, and host of the Creative Nomad Show, and the Fabulous One!

He now assists fabulous authors, artists, speakers, and coaches who are sick of being super-stressed, spiritually exhausted, and over-committed – launch their movements without struggling with the tech stuff.

He is also in the process of creating the Orange Dragonfly Transformational Center and Temple of Jediism which he says is going to be a cross between an RV park and summer camp where people will come to balance their mind, body, spirit, and business.

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