112: Trauma to Triumph: Moving Beyond Survival with Harris Eddie Hill

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Join us in this deeply inspiring Creative Nomad Interview as we sit down with Harris Eddie Hill, an out-and-proud nonbinary podcaster, best-selling author, coach, and the visionary founder of the Centre for Childhood Trauma Healing.

Harris\’s journey from surviving trauma, unaccepting family dynamics, cancer, and abusive relationships to achieving emotional freedom is a testament to the transformative power of healing.

Shortlisted for the Positive Impact and Sustainability Speaker of the Year at the Speaker Awards, Harris is on a mission to demystify the healing process, empowering neurodivergent, queer, and highly empathic adults to overcome their childhood trauma and thrive.

In this interview, we delve into Harris\’s personal experiences, discussing the challenges of navigating a medical system that often falls short and the importance of reclaiming personal power in the healing journey.

As a guide for others seeking to make meaningful transformations, Harris shares insights on identifying when a business aligns with your true calling, the keys to avoiding burnout while pursuing your passions, and the profound significance of trauma healing.

From navigating the emotional terrain of unacceptance to battling cancer, overcoming abusive relationships, and facing mental health challenges, Harris not only survived but emerged stronger, dedicating their life to paying this resilience forward.

Discover the wisdom gained from turning trauma into triumph and learn how Harris Eddie Hill is not just surviving but thriving, demonstrating that it is possible to make money while doing something deeply meaningful without succumbing to burnout.

Don\’t miss this empowering conversation on reclaiming your narrative and finding purpose in the face of adversity.

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