118: DeFaRekinLicious™ Living: Nourishing the Mind and Body

About This Episode:

Step into the vibrant world of creativity and well-being with our special episode of the Creative Nomad Show – ‘DeFaRekinLicious™ Living: Nourishing the Mind and Body.’ Join the charismatic host, JP Adkins, as he embarks on a lively conversation with the ever-inspiring Stephanie McPherson, also known as ‘SteFunny.’

In this uniquely crafted episode, we dive into the art of ‘DeFaRekinLicious™ Living,’ where Stephanie’s expertise as a Health Coach and High-Performance Mindset Coach takes center stage. Discover the magic behind nourishing both the mind and body in a way that’s not only health-conscious but also downright delicious!

Get ready for a rollercoaster of insights, laughter, and empowering conversations. Stephanie’s journey from questioning the typical ‘young person diet’ to becoming the creator of ‘Empowered Conversations’ and ‘DeFaRekinLicious™’ will leave you inspired to take charge of your own well-being.

This is not just a show; it’s a celebration of living life ‘On Purpose.’ So, buckle up for a fun-filled episode where creativity meets wellness, and together, we embark on the exciting adventure of ‘DeFaRekinLicious™ Living.’ Nourish your mind, savor the joy, and let’s thrive together!

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