121: Selling the Truth: The Comedy of Authenticity LIVE with Hersh Rephun!

Step into the world of authenticity, humor, and genuine connection as we go live with the one and only “MESSAGE Therapist™” and renowned Copywriter, Hersh Rephun!

Join us for a riveting live feed where Hersh will unravel the secrets behind “Selling the Truth” with his signature blend of wit and wisdom. As the veteran Brand Voice Expert, Hersh has a knack for helping Founders, CEOs, and Consultants establish trust with their audience, and he’s ready to share his insights in real-time.

In this exclusive event, we’ll dive deep into the heart of authenticity – exploring the profound yet humorous journey of discovering and selling the truth. Get ready for laughter, enlightenment, and a touch of Hersh’s standup charm that has graced renowned venues like the Comedy Store, Comic Strip, and the Funny Bone.

What to Expect:

Insightful discussions on personal journeys and the quest for purpose. Unveiling the magic behind Hersh’s mantra: “Sell the Truth with Humor and Humanity.”

Candid reflections on why Truth tastes funny and how it resonates with the soulful movers seeking impact.

Best practices for a successful life, infused with Hersh’s unique blend of comedy and authenticity.

Get to know Hersh at www.hershrephun.com

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