The Intuitive Entrepreneur Show
With The Queen of Reframe, Carol Boston

A Weekly Podcast for Inspiration & Intuition

The Intuitive Entrepreneur Show, hosted by Carol Boston brings enlightened entrepreneurs, coaches, and influencers together to discuss cutting-edge topics from the world of relationships, culture, business, and spirituality.

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Meet Your Host

Carol Boston is An International Best-Selling Author An Award-Winning Speaker A Business Leadership Coach Carol Boston is known as the Queen of Reframe, who helps you reframe any challenge so you can double or triple your income in record time.

She brings the discipline of being a professional athlete and the savvy of 27 years of experience as a sales expert in Fortune 100 companies like AT&T, Sprint, and Paychex to bear for her clients. Her clients say she is relentless in supporting them to get the results that they want.

Carol helps female business owners to know their value, own their power, and advocate for themselves so they rise up and become the Lioness Leaders they were created to be.

The Queen of Reframe

Carol Boston