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Through engaging interviews and thought-provoking discussions, this podcast will provide valuable insights into how current events are shaped and, in turn, how they shape our lives.

Whether you’re seeking wisdom from prominent figures, expert guidance from seasoned coaches, or the latest perspectives from news influencers, this show promises to be a source of knowledge and inspiration you won’t want to miss.

Join us on this exciting journey at the intersection of current events and personal growth.

With Kiddada Grey

Your Weekly Chat About How to Navigate Current Events So They Don’t Slow Down Your Personal Development

“Life Coaching Today Presents” is set to feature an impressive lineup of world changers, accomplished coaches, and influential newsmakers.

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Recent Episodes

  • Episode 17: Amplifying Black Men’s Stories of Growth and Triumph

    Episode 17: Amplifying Black Men’s Stories of Growth and Triumph

    In this compelling episode, Kiddada Asmara Grey leads an insightful discussion on the critical need for safe spaces tailored specifically for Black men, featuring esteemed guests Dr. Jean Ward, a multifaceted figure encompassing roles as a pastor, life coach, and community activist, alongside Jonathan A McKinney. As the spotlight falls on men this month, the…

  • Episode 16: Dads in Focus: Breaking Stereotypes

    Episode 16: Dads in Focus: Breaking Stereotypes

    In this insightful episode of the podcast, host Kiddada Asmara grey leads a candid discussion with three remarkable guests: Kyle Jetsel, Dontaye Carter, and David Manuel. As the spotlight shifts to men this month, the conversation delves deep into the multifaceted realm of fatherhood. With a focus on father involvement, the highs, and lows, and…

  • Episode 15: Owning Our Stories, Defining Our Narratives

    Episode 15: Owning Our Stories, Defining Our Narratives

    In this compelling episode, Kiddada Asmara Grey engages in a candid dialogue with three remarkable guests: Angeline Payne, Jennifer Simmons, and Tamara Stevens. The discussion centers around a common yet often overlooked societal phenomenon: men telling women to smile. Kiddada opens up the conversation by posing a thought-provoking question to her guests: “Has a man…

Meet Your Host

Kiddada Asmara Grey, who holds the position of CEO at Transformed Living, runs a coaching enterprise that reflects her expertise as a Life & Relationship Coach and her specialization in Conflict Resolution and Adult Bullying in the workplace.

She’s all about helping folks who are eager for a fresh start in their personal, professional, or intimate lives.

She’s a pro at working with all sorts of people, including Black teens, men, and women, and she’s passionate about advocating for Political and Social Justice causes.

Her methods are designed to empower those who want more from life, and she often teams up with notable organizations, charities, and nonprofits to raise awareness about these important issues.

Kiddada’s coaching mission is all about teaching people that while conflict is a part of life, resolving it should be the ultimate goal. She’ll help you see this in a new light and equip you with some essential life skills.

Life is full of challenges, and her approach encourages you to tackle them in a more constructive way, helping you become a better version of yourself.


Kiddada Asmara Grey

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