Episode 12: Courageous Women in History

In this empowering solo episode, Kiddada Asmara Grey takes center stage to commemorate Women’s History Month. She sheds light on the remarkable life of Viola Liuzzo, whose tragic assassination on March 25, 1965, stands as a poignant symbol of courage and activism. Through Kiddada’s insightful narration, listeners are invited to reflect on Liuzzo’s legacy and the enduring impact of her unwavering dedication to civil rights and social justice.

As Kiddada passionately shares Liuzzo’s story, she invites listeners to join her on a journey of remembrance and tribute. Through honoring the bravery and resilience of women like Viola Liuzzo, Kiddada underscores the importance of recognizing and celebrating the vital contributions of women throughout history. In this episode, she invites her audience to reflect on the profound impact of women’s voices and to draw inspiration from the remarkable stories of those who have paved the way for progress and equality.

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