Episode 13: Unveiling Lady Oasis – The Journey of Natural Lifestyle

In this riveting episode, Kiddada Asmara Grey welcomes Missie Shealey, the visionary force behind Lady Oasis, a platform dedicated to internal and external beautification through natural living. With a rich background as a wardrobe and accessories stylist for esteemed clients and a prolific author, Missie brings a wealth of experience to the conversation. Delve into her journey of creativity and entrepreneurship, from her sterling silver jewelry line, Kevune, to her upcoming venture, Neck Noise, promising bold, tribal necklaces for confident women. Through her holistic health advocacy and innovative projects like The Silver Unicorn, aimed at seniors in nursing homes, Missie embodies a commitment to empowering others and embracing radical self-care.

Missie’s story is one of resilience and innovation, fueled by a passion for holistic wellness and creative expression. From her successful career in high-end retail to her self-taught expertise in wholistic health, she has consistently forged new paths and pursued her passions with unwavering dedication. Join Kiddada and Missie as they explore the intersection of fashion, wellness, and entrepreneurship, uncovering the transformative power of embracing one’s true calling and living authentically.

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