Ep 33 – Attention Revolution: Shifting the ADHD Narrative

It’s time to rewrite the narrative! This episode of No Home Training tackles the often misunderstood topic of ADHD in adults. Host Jessica dives deep with guest expert Alison Mary Kelly to dismantle the stigma surrounding ADHD and explore the unique strengths associated with this neurodivergent mind.

They’ll challenge common misconceptions and shed light on the realities of living with ADHD. You’ll learn how to identify the signs and symptoms of adult ADHD, understand the different presentations, and explore the impact it can have on daily life.

But this episode goes beyond diagnosis. Jessica and Alison will empower you to reframe the way you view ADHD. They’ll discuss strategies to leverage your strengths, optimize focus, and navigate challenges with confidence. Whether you suspect you might have ADHD or simply want to understand it better, this episode is an eye-opening journey towards acceptance and self-advocacy.

Tune in to “Attention Revolution: Shifting the ADHD Narrative” on No Home Training and discover the power of a different mind.

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About Your Host

From ordinary to extraordinary, Jessica Kozlowski guides individuals on self-discovery journeys. As a psychic medium & life coach, she uses intuition & empathy to offer messages, overcome obstacles, & unlock potential. A dedicated animal communicator, she fosters deeper understanding between humans & their furry companions. Driven by curiosity, she continues to explore the metaphysical, weaving her diverse skills into a tapestry of guidance, healing, & enlightenment.

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