Ep 38 – The Reality of Life Behind Bars

Special guest Justin Jackson joins the conversation as they dive deep into the intricate and often harsh realities of the prison system. This episode promises to be a raw, unfiltered discussion that challenges societal perceptions and sheds light on the true experiences of those incarcerated.

Justin Jackson brings his unique insights to the table, exploring the daily lives of prisoners, from the monotonous routines to the significant struggles they face. The panel will analyze viral TikTok videos, offering their perspectives on some of the most controversial takes about life behind bars. They aim to debunk common myths about prison reform and reveal the often unseen human cost of incarceration.

Listeners will gain a deeper understanding of the impact the prison system has on both inmates and society. Jessica and her guest will discuss the emotional and psychological toll on prisoners and their loved ones, highlighting the need for a more compassionate and informed approach to justice. This episode goes beyond mere discussion, providing a comprehensive look at the prison system’s broader implications.

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About Your Host

From ordinary to extraordinary, Jessica Kozlowski guides individuals on self-discovery journeys. As a psychic medium & life coach, she uses intuition & empathy to offer messages, overcome obstacles, & unlock potential. A dedicated animal communicator, she fosters deeper understanding between humans & their furry companions. Driven by curiosity, she continues to explore the metaphysical, weaving her diverse skills into a tapestry of guidance, healing, & enlightenment.

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