Beyond the High: Chasing False Pleasures – All Things Numbing

Are you tired of seeking temporary highs to cope with life’s challenges?  Join us for episode 4 of Spiritual Sex & Candy, where your hosts Heather Workman, the Shamanic Sweetener, and JP Adkins, the Freedom Jedi, delve into the world of numbing mechanisms and how they can hinder our growth.

In this episode, we’ll explore:

  • The Cycle of Numbing: How do we use sex, drugs, food, or even religion to escape emotional pain?
  • Beyond the Band-Aid: Uncovering the root causes that lead us to seek numbing experiences.
  • Healing from Trauma: Heather, with her expertise in self-love, will offer guidance on releasing past burdens that fuel numbing behaviors.
  • The Power of Self-Care: JP, the “Divine Space,” will discuss practical tools for cultivating a fulfilling life that doesn’t rely on external validation.

This episode is for you if:

  • You struggle with unhealthy coping mechanisms for dealing with stress or emotions.
  • You’re curious about the connection between numbing and spiritual growth.
  • You’re ready to create a life rich with pleasure and purpose, without the need to escape.

Tune in for a spicy conversation that will challenge you to break free from numbing patterns and embrace a more fulfilling life.

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