114: The Longevity Mindset: Cultivating Habits for a Lifetime of Wellness.

Embark on an extraordinary exploration into the life of Benedick Howard with JP Adkins on the Creative Nomad Show, where we unravel the layers of “The Longevity Mindset: Cultivating Habits for a Lifetime of Wellness.”

From a quaint farm in Sussex, England, Benedick’s journey unfolded with a daily trek through nature to a Waldorf school, fostering a deep connection with the earth from an early age. Mistakenly assuming others shared his clairvoyant experiences, he embarked on a lifelong mission to refine both his inner and outer worlds.

Now, in his vigorous 70s, Benedick stands as a testament to the possibilities of a holistic approach to well-being. Having triumphed over chronic back, neck, and shoulder pain since the tender age of 14, and overcoming asthma, he defied conventional expectations. A survivor of a “healthy organic food” eating disorder, Benedick’s narrative is one of resilience and transformation.

Join JP Adkins as he uncovers the secrets behind Benedick’s journey to recovery, exploring the fusion of personal development, exercise, fasting, electrotherapy, sacred geometry for healing, sound therapy, and community building. Gain insights into Benedick’s off-grid rainforest retreat just south of Hilo, Big Island, where he has made the Mauna mountains his haven, hiking up over 100 times, often reaching elevations exceeding 13,000 feet.

Discover the essence of a longevity mindset through Benedick’s story — a narrative woven with the threads of resilience, holistic practices, and a commitment to pushing boundaries. This live feed promises an enlightening exploration of habits that pave the way for a lifetime of wellness, featuring Benedick’s remarkable journey as a guide to inspire and uplift us all.

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